My name is Hugh Sweeney and I’m a professional videographer and photographer based in Galway city, Ireland. I have been creating video and photography content commercially for over a decade now and have amassed a very broad skillset and high level of experience in this field of work. My main area of focus is producing corporate promotional films for businesses across a wide sector, which includes manufacturing, medical, engineering, hospitality, tourism, fitness, entertainment and more. I take a very flexible and adaptable approach to my projects but one thing I keep consistent is to capture the most visually striking and engaging images possible for those who hire me. Because of this work ethic, I’ve gained a strong reputation for delivering high end professional work which is a powerful asset to the companies I work with. As well as providing a comprehensive video and photography service, I’m also highly experienced and knowledgeable in producing content for social media and have built a very successful YouTube account and Facebook page in the process and this knowledge is incredibly powerful to have considering the majority of company advertising is done online through social media.



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