My name is Hugh Sweeney and I’m a videographer and photographer from Galway city, Ireland. I have been making videos for people since 2012 and before that I worked for many years in the field of design and print. I have a passion for the art of cinematography and I feel my work reflects that. I’m always striving to achieve visually striking images that will engage the viewer and spark an emotion. I know how business works and I will always advise on what’s best for anyone who hires me. I think my biggest skillset is in the fact that I make it easy for people – in other words, I’ll handle the project from start to finish without any fussing and get it back to you for it’s due date. Though I mostly work alone, I have the capability to turn big projects around very quickly and efficiently. In recent years, I’ve included photography in my services too as it’s something I have great knowledge and experience in. I have been hired over the years to shoot fashion, product, sports and even wildlife photography. So, if you’re interested in hiring someone to shoot great content for you please feel free to get in contact. Hugh.

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As well as creating visual content for businesses Hugh has a successful YouTube channel in which he uploads product reviews, vlogs, short films and other content related to his passion which is filmmaking and videography.